This project was made during my employment at Compani 56, in a team with other coworkers. My role was design lead.​​​​​​​
Circo is a popular Swedish night club. They’ve had their logo since way back and it has by time earned great recognition. Although they had a logo from before, they didn’t have a visual identity and a context for it. Circo contacted us to create one, presenting them as the classy yet edgy night club they are. ​​​​​​​

The logotype from before, which we added a new color scheme for. 
After experimenting with the possibilities of the logotype, we found out that the round shapes in the letter C and O could be modified into graphic elements inspired by the night sky.
In combination with the graphics, we picked a sophisticated color scheme inspired by changing colors of the night sky.

The pattern and graphics are made in a clean manner, that is created specifically to be easy to adapt to different theme parties. 

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