This project was made during my employment at Compani 56, in a team with other coworkers. My role was design lead.
6530 Redovisning is a new Swedish accounting company, driven by a few young people. They wished for a visual identity reflecting their innovative way of working and a new approach to the economy in general.​​​​​​​
Since the name 6530 Redovisning contains numbers, we chose to let the numbers take up a lot of space in the logotype. By using custom-made geometric numbers in a neat way, the most important message of the company reaches through: We are experts in numbers.
By also adding diagonal lines, pointing upwards to the right – the logotype symbolizes an increasing revenue, in a subtle way.
The color palette is chosen to create a professional and reliable impression with colors associated with an office environment – but in a fun and modern way. ​​​​​​​
The shapes of the graphics are inspired by classic charts showing an increasing profit, since they always are placed to reach from the bottom left to the top right. By adding many dimensions and colors, a more vibrant and dynamic appearance is achieved.
By a custom made grid it becomes easy to generate new graphics when needed, assuring them to look consistent. ​​​​​​​

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